Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thia and Her Beds

If my daughter had blond hair, I would call her Goldilocks. Two months in and we still haven't figured out which bed works best. I mean, if we don't count accessories like a swing and bouncer, she has (or rather thinks has) four beds.

Bed #1: Her crib. To be honest, I'm not comfortable with her sleeping in a different bedroom from me. I know at some point I will be, but that point isn't here yet. She's slept in it once when her dad was in there working overnight. This didn't bother me because he was in the room. Since then and before then it hasn't happened because we haven't been in the room (although the hubby's tried to talk me into it a few times).
Bed #2: Her bassinet. She sleeps fairly well in this, and it was something I insisted on.   According to Dr. Karp and several other medical professionals having your child near you (bassinet, co-sleeper, etc) drops the risk of SIDS. I told you last week that I have mommy paranoia, and this is one of the biggest worries I think any mom has. So, I try to do everything in my power to keep this risk low. We bought the First Years 5-in-1. The basket comes off and can be used in any room in the house. It also props up and can be a bouncer; it has a changing table under the basket. The bassinet also features several different sounds: lullaby, heart beat, rain, and white noise. It also has a vibration setting. Truly a fabulous value if you want your baby near but not IN your bed!

Bed #3: Mommy and Daddy's bed. This is her favorite bed, but mainly when she's on top of mommy or daddy. This adds to my fears. This worries me because I worry that something could happen to her if she were to fall off of mommy or daddy. Worry was the reason I bought the fourth bed.

Bed #4: Her Snuggle Nest.  The snuggle nest is the best of both worlds. It's a co-sleeper that is on her parents' bed. She has her own space clearly marked out on our bed. Not only does it have her own space, it also plays a lullaby, womb noise, and has a night light. This co-sleeper cannot be done if you have a bed smaller than a queen size though. To be honest, even on our queen size the husband complains about not having enough room. But I'd trade us being a little uncomfortable for some peace of mind. 
She sleeps well in the last three beds. Our little bundle starts out in #2 or #4. Typically after her early morning feeding, she snuggles with mommy for an hour or so until we get out of bed. Ultimately (when she's older) she'll sleep in her crib, but until then it's whatever makes her happy. 


  1. Bennett slept on my chest for a good while until he just got too heavy. I too was afraid he'd fall off or something, but after I woke up after every move he made, those fears lessened. Then he co slept with me until he was about 17 months- never did like sleeping in his crib. He went straight to our bed to his big boy bed. Some people are against co sleeping but I think it's wonderful and I actually miss him right there beside me. You just have to do what works, and if you get more sleep with her right there beside you, that's what you do. Plus, since you breastfeed, you don't even have to get out of bed for those night feedings!! :) She's getting so big and is so pretty!!


    1. Thanks, Renee! The chest sleep is when I get the most sleep; so I understand that. Bennett is adorable by the way--talk about getting big!